Make your very own CD imageMake your very own CD imageMake your very own CD image
Do you sing or play an instrument?
Would you like to have a Recording experience with a CD made of your performance?
(CD In jewel case with artwork* on both the CD and case)

Be a pop star!
Hundreds of backing tracks to choose from or play your own instrument.

Back in the 50s and 60s, coin operated recording booths used to be popular and available right on the street, at fairgrounds and even in department stores where you could step in and make your own vinyl recordings of yourselves, friends and family.

The technology has changed but you can still have a recording of yourself made as a keep sake or to send to someone you know.

Today we have computers mobile phones and hard drives for recording and they produce a much higher quality of sound.

In our studio we have everything needed to make you into a singing sensation.
If it’s a professionally made backing track you want to use, (which we would supply for you and also available separately) we would send it to you along with the lyrics so that you can rehearse it at home at your leisure that will ensure you are at ease with the tune before you come into the studio.
(Unless it’s an instrumental then it would be track only)
BAcking Tracks imageBAcking Tracks imageBAcking Tracks image
We are quite flexible on your time with us on the day of recording and want you to get used to the studio and equipment. but would expect it to take approximately 1 hour to actually record you.

Our studio will be set up ready and waiting for you with microphones, stands, headphones and any other amplification needed for your recording experience, you may like to bring your own instrument if you are going to play on the recording, however we do have various instruments, complete drum kit, keyboards and guitars, even a tambourine, that you may use on the day.
(Please contact us if instruments are required for the day).

Our guys in the studio are there with you all along the way to help you at every step.
They will set everything up in the studio for you, set levels and record you on our system so that once you have gone they can put it all together and produce your CD for you.

Finished product ready in a few days
(Recordings can also be sent to you via electronic media for playback on your phone, PC, Laptop Tablet etc)
STudio time imageSTudio time imageSTudio time image
Christmas is just around the corner, Your recording would make a great gift for your friends and family or just as a keepsake for yourself.
In these days of the internet and mobile phones, families now are spread across the world, what a great gift and surprise to send a CD recording, or as an attachment  of you to your loved ones.
Your CD imageYour CD imageYour CD image
Gift Vouchers imageGift Vouchers image
Gift vouchers can be purchased to give to someone as a recording experience present.
Available by contacting us using the contact details below.
portable imageportable image
If you cannot make it into the studio for any reason, we have portable equipment that we can come to you with.
We would have your song loaded on our portable recorder and come to you, record your voice and take it back to the studio for completion.

(Price may vary dependant on distance, please contact for more information).
Price includes:

Cost of backing track

Recording track

Recording you



Producing 1 CD and Electronic media files

Artwork* to CD and Jewel case.

Would mean Pictures supplied by you, generally of yourself but could be musical notes, abstract, plain colours etc and wording such as a title for your CD.

Additional copies of the same CD £3.50

Toilets and kitchen facilities are available on the same level and exclusive to the Studio.

Dreamz Entertainment

Tel: Dianne 0755 3263865 or Andy 0777 6083103


75 – 77 Market st, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3AA

Please note:

  • Anyone aged 16-years and under will need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Vouchers are valid for a 6 month period from date of issue.
  • Price shown is for 1 song,(Please see above for further details).

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Did you know?
In Westhoughton (BL5 3AA) there is a Music rehearsal and recording studio
0755 3263865 & 0777 6083103
Where you can:
Make a CD recording of yourself; sing along to your own music or a backing track.
Choose what song or tune you want to sing, or play your instrument to and we will supply the track and record it all to CD.

Rehearsal space for singers and bands.
We have a fully kitted out rehearsal room which includes:
Full drum kit, including cymbals
Bass amp (Hughes and Kettner)
Several guitar amps (Fender, Marshal, line 6, Carlsbro)
1k PA system (Behringer)
Mic stands and Mics
Keyboard stands
Various instruments (contact for details)
Large screen TV
Control room with techie person and recording equipment.


Owner and Music production

Even at an early age we need music


Owner, promotions, production, motivator, and so much more.......

That sounds good honey.