Punk rock band from Wigan, England, UK. 1979-1986(?)

The band often spelled their name as The Inƨane.

Originally formed as a 5-piece band from Wigan in 1979, there were two bands called 'The Insane' for a while when the original band split. This line up recorded the three track "El Salvador" EP at Cargo Studios in Rochdale before David Ellesmere left to join Discharge. The Insane actually saw 14 different line ups in their career and also recorded for Riot City Records. Both David and Simon later became members of Flux Of Pink Indians.

Having got back together with a new line up of:

Simon Pratt ..bass   Dean Mitchell songist... 
Simon Middlehurst gittr. Keith Finch drums ... Paul aspey gittr.. 
Si Dean and Keith are original members from 82..

and rehearsing at DREAMZ ENTERTAINMENT for the Rebellion festival Blackpool 2022, here is a video of the guys performing El Salvador and other pics of them from the event.